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What is Codecov Self-Hosted?

Codecov Self-Hosted is the on-premise, privately hosted version of It integrates with many git service providers, such as GithubGithub EnterpriseGitlabGitlab Enterprise and Bitbucket. All the great features and metrics found on are available in Codecov Self-Hosted.


How is Codecov Self-Hosted different from

Codecov Self-Hosted is for running Codecov in a private environment behind your firewall, or in your local network. Use Codecov Self-Hosted when you need complete control over repository, project information, and coverage reports.


How much does Codecov Self-Hosted cost?

Codecov Self-Hosted is priced based on the number of users accessing Codecov "Seats", with purchases starting at $50,000 USD annually. The current per seat price for Codecov Self-Hosted can be found here:


How many seats do I need, and who needs seats?

Seats must be purchased for each individual in your organization that will have a Codecov Self-Hosted user account, as well as developers who author PRs with Codecov coverage reports included. This includes developers, project managers, designers, and other collaborators.


What payment options are available?

Check, bank wire transfer, and ACH are accepted for all transaction amounts. We accept payment with credit card on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for further inquiring, or if you have a special request.


How is Codecov Self-Hosted licensed?

Codecov Self-Hosted is licensed under a subscription model. Seats are purchased for a one-year (or longer) period which includes full support, and access to all updates and upgrades.


Can I buy a monthly license?

No, due to the upfront investment of on-premises deployment, our minimum contract length is one year.


How do I add more seats to my current license?

We will prorate your account based on when the new seat was added, during your current billing cycle.


Are there packages available for agreements under $50,000 USD?

No. A minimum of purchase of $50,000 USD (paid annually) is required to use Codecov Self-Hosted. We recommend, our hosted service, for smaller groups.


Can I use Codecov Self-Hosted to host projects on the public internet?

Yes. You may use Codecov Self-Hosted to show reports to the public internet. You may restrict login access to users whom are member to an organization/team to limit the amount of Seat Packs you'll need to purchase. Public repositories may be visible to the public internet without an additional charge.


Do you offer training?

Yes. We offer web-based training, and in-person training is included in our Premium Support Package. Please contact to inquire.


Does the license include access to the Codecov source code?

No. We have a blend of private and public code which is available at Codecov .


How does Codecov Self-Hosted interact with my company's source code?

Codecov never stores source code, and never clones repositories.

Codecov uses service API's to retrieve source code and interact with the repository.

Codecov uses the active user OAuth-token to query the service API, which guarantees the user has, at least, read-only access to the resource.


Does Codecov make any external http requests?

Codecov will make a variety of external http connections to operate properly. There are not any external http connections beyond connections setup in the configuration (i.e. no phone-home or usage statistics).


You may restrict the outbound connections to notifications services. More here.

?   Resellers

Reselling Codecov services is prohibited without express permission of Codecov. If you are a reseller, please reach out to

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